Group Control Panel
  • 02 Jun 2020
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Group Control Panel

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Group Control Panel

From the Hamburger Menu, open the Groups menu item and it will display any pump groups that have been created.

Click on the name of a group you want to control and it will display the Group Control Panel for the given group:

The top section of the screen shows the following information and controls:

  1. The Name of the group. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the name of the group:

    Click the X Icon to cancel the change or the Disk Icon to save the new name.

  2. The pump Status Icon and State as:

    • Red - The pump is stopped.
    • Yellow - The pump is paused.
    • Green - The pump is running.
  3. The pump's Uptime as the amount of time the pump has been powered on and connected to Device Cloud.

  4. Double Arrow Button - Synchronizes the group settings below to every pump in the group.

  5. Play Button - Starts all of the pumps in the group running.

  6. Stop Button - Stops all of the pumps in the group running.

  7. Prime Button - Starts/Stops all of the pumps in the group priming.

WARNING! The all of the pumps in the group will continue to prime until you click the Prime Icon again to stop then.

Adjusting the Pump Group's Settings

The lower half of the screen allow you to adjust settings that will be applied to all of the pumps in the group:

  • Local / Remote Mode - Allows to you select if the pump can be operated remotely or only from the control panel on the physical device.

  • Pump Direction - Allows you to select the direction of the pump head motor.

  • Cumulative Volume - Displays the amount of fluid that the device has pumped. Click the Clear link to reset this value.

  • Flow Units - Select the unit of measure for the device flow from the dropdown list:

  • Operating Mode - Select all of the pump's operating mode as:

    • Continuous Pump - All pumps will run until manually stopped.
    • Volume Dispense - All pumps will run until a given volume has been dispensed.
    • Time Dispense - All pumps will run until a given amount of time has elapsed.
  • Batch Count - Enter the number of batches that you want to pump to run. This option is not available for the Continuous Pump operation mode.

  • Tubing Size - Select the size of tubing fitted in the pump from the dropdown list:

    If the tubing is calibrated, check the Calibrated checkbox.

  • Flow Rate - Enter the desired rate of fluid flow for the pump.

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